Q) What do you charge for shipping?
A) Shipping within North America varies depending on your location and averages around $15 and is FREE on orders over $200 (Minus taxes & coupons). International orders vary depending on your geographical area.

Q) How long do orders usually take to arrive?
A) We offer speedy delivery via Canada Post’s XpressPost that includes a signature. Delivery times arverage from 1-3 business days within Canada and a week within the USA.

Q) What is your return policy?
A) We don't reintegrate itQ) ems that have left our Lab and come back. It is because of this policy that we don't accept returns.

Q) Do you ship from within Canada?
A) Yes

Q) Do orders pass through customs?
A) Within Canada they do not.

Q) Can orders be picked up?
A) No. Orders are shipped from a number of locations which makes pick-ups not possible.

Q) Do you guarantee safe delivery?
A) Yes, on all North American orders $200 and over.